Rajasthan which is the largest state of India, also known as “The Land of Kings”. It is situated in the North-west part of India and is mostly the Desert , The Thar Desert also called “The Great Indian Desert”.The surrounding States of Rajasthan are Gujrat, Madhya Pradesh, Utter Pradesh, Haryana and Punjab.The State of Rajasthan covers 10.4% of the total Indian Land.Rajasthan capital: the Jaipur city also known as pink city. Rajasthan having a very diverse climatic conditions. In summers, it reaches 49 feels like steaming hot and in winters, at some places, it reaches below freezing temperature. Other thing about Rajasthan is it have one of the oldest mountain range known as Aravali range. Aravali range of Rajasthan also features a beautiful place Maunt Abu also famous for its Dilwada temples.

About RAJA

RAJA is an association of all Rajasthani’s living in Georgia to enjoy events and activities of common interest.
Any questions? Please contact Ashok Goyal, Dinesh Purohit, Anand Rathi, Brij Inani, Raj Joshi, Braham Taparia, Ashu Rahar to name a few volunteers on our team!We prefer if you have a gmail address as it allows you to use Google+ to see pictures and socialize similar to facebook features! We also have facebook page to receive invites for our future events and keep the community active.


Executive Committee

    • President : Sudhir Agarwal
    • Vice President : Anand Rathi
    • General Secretary: Nawal Parwal
    • Treasurer : Vipin Maheshwary
    • Event Secretary : Shalini Joshi
    • Cultural Secretary : Kavita
    • Education Secretary : Pritesh Rathi
    • Literacy Secretary : Sankalp Mathur
    • Sports Secretary : Amit Sharma
    • Youth Secretary : Aayushi Chaudhary
    • Technology Secretary : Rakesh Jain
    • Media Secretary : Vinod Sharma


Advisory Board

  • Members:
    • Dhanraj Sipani
    • Brij Inani
    • Dr. Braham Taparia
    • Dinesh Purohit
    • Ashok Goyal
    • Sunil Dosi


Board of Directors

  • Chairman : Aashu Rahar
  • Vice Chairman : Neelima Kothari
  • Members:
    • Shyam Dalmia
    • Praveen Gattani
    • Monty Rathi
    • Rajesh Duggar
    • Ritu Dosi
    • Ravindra Ajmera
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